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Coupa Launches First Business Spend Management App Marketplace

Coupa Software , a leader in Business Spend Management (BSM), has launched the Coupa App Marketplace, giving customers an easier and smarter way to extend the power of the leading BSM platform.

Here’s what’s in store for industrial metals, after the 2020 rally for steel, iron ore and copper

Industrial metals have extended their 2020 rally into the new year, with finished steel prices trading near a record, iron ore, a feedstock for steel, holding ground near a nine-year high, and prices for copper at their highest since 2013.

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Trump Expands Steel Tariffs, Saying They Are Short of Aim

The president plans tariffs on metal items like nails and cables after his earlier move raised the cost of making those products in the United States.

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These Companies Wanted Tariffs. How Are They Faring Now?

President Trump’s trade policies have helped American steel, aluminum, lumber, solar and washing-machine businesses, but not as much as they might have hoped.

How the hustle and gig economy is choking the middle class

Andrew Karpie joins the discussion on struggling freelance labor and a fair wage for work.

Last year’s steel price momentum in US unlikely in 2019: MetalMiner

The price momentum that US-made steel hot-rolled coil had at this time a year ago…

President Trump boasts he’s turned around American industry. With the election at hand, here are the facts

Lisa Reisman, executive editor of MetalMiner, an online market intelligence platform that does metal prices forecasting comments on the steel industry and the economy.

Yes, a can of Coke will cost more under Trump’s steel tariffs

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said tariffs would add just six-tenths of one cent to the price of a can of Campbell’s soup.

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Marketplace Morning Report 1/17/2018: A stock market correction could be looming

The 1/17/18 Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio includes a look at how China has the capability to influence aluminum prices.

Alcoa Point Comfort plant to remain idle

Although Alcoa Corp. announced re-starting an idled site in Evansville, Ind., last week, no plans are in place to restart activity in Point Comfort.

The Morning Risk Report: Artificial Intelligence Makes Compliance Inroads

Compliance processes remain heavily manual at most companies but a wave of venture capital investments in artificial intelligence–replacing human decision-making with computer-driven decision-making–is starting to lap at the edges of back-office functions.

Trump Has Little Impact On Copper

The perceived demand in China has been the leading push in Copper prices-not Donald Trump. Stuart Burns, MetalMiner.


Have Commodity Prices Finally Bottomed Out?

Rising commodity prices have the experts talking about a bull market. But what do buyers need to keep an eye on in the coming 12 months?

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Donio Leaves Concur & Eberhard Becomes President

Concur has named Mike Eberhard president to replace Elena Donio, who will become CEO of Axiom. Eberhard, who was president of global distribution, joined Concur in 2003 and has held various roles.

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Coupa IPO Likely Will Fund More Acquisitions

Jason Busch—founder and head of strategy at research and advisory firm Azul Partners—anticipates Coupa will use the IPO funds to continue acquiring companies as it has been doing. Earlier this year, Coupa acquired contract management and automation company Contractually, and in July 2015, it acquired open booking platform TripScanner and cloud e-invoicing company InvoiceSmash. In February of last year, it acquired procurement cloud software provider ZenPurchase.

The Workplace Will Be Radically Different By 2025; Are You Ready?

Work, as we know it, has changed dramatically in the past few years. Many Americans are frustrated and confused about the smartest way to get in front of what is happening. Should we start taking coding classes at General Assembly, invest in a new degree, or launch a solo business so we aren’t dependent on a “steady” job that could disappear overnight?

Upwork’s New Pricing Model Sparks Outcry Forbes May 7 2016

Up in arms about a change in Upwork’s business model that will raise the fees some freelancers pay to find work there, workers on the platform have taken to Twitter and Reddit to make their voices heard.

The Morning Download: Readers Share Views on Economics of Cloud Computing

SpendMatters offered a similar critique on its website: “The WSJ article almost implies on-premise delivery is cheaper than getting your solutions delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) format. This is hardly the case — and it frankly overlooks the true total cost of ownership (TCO) for on-premise solutions.


The Disappearing Procurement Function

Peter Smith, Managing Editor of Spend Matters Europe reckons that procurement is fast disappearing as a function.Peter says that the procurement function might not exist in 20 years. Instead it will become the role of every employee to achieve value from third party suppliers.

Obama’s SupplierPay Program Is Off To A Good

It is no secret that supply chains can be disrupted by their weakest links. But in the last recession life got tougher for a critical piece of many supply chains – small suppliers to big firms.

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