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Primarily North American and UK healthcare industry participants including payors, providers, regulators etc. from operations, administration and supply chain management functions

Independently covering the healthcare industry supply chain spanning buyers, sellers, intermediaries and payors as they work to continuously improve and create value for the industry.
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Healthcare Matters independently covers the healthcare industry supply chain spanning buyers, sellers, intermediaries and payors and examines the roles they play, the challenges they face, the problems they create, the solutions they implement and the innovations they seek.

Healthcare Matters also covers developments in federal and state governments as they are both regulators and payors (they pay for close to half of total services consumed). With a special focus on patient-centered, value-based care (as opposed to fee for service) and its impact on the healthcare supply chain. Gone are the days when higher costs yielded higher fees. These days, a dollar saved is actually a dollar earned; representing a boon to the supply chain management profession.

Healthcare Matters readers can expect to receive a range of benefits which include:

  • Meaningful ideas on how to drive costs out of the healthcare supply chain
  • Insightful and unbiased technology provider reviews and analyses
  • Actionable recommendations and takeaways on healthcare supply chain issues and opportunities such as supplier selection, sourcing and contracting
  • Concrete ideas as to how to drive value-based procurement and supply efficiencies
  • Insight into future trends
  • A deeper understanding of the underlying trends driving markets

You can engage with Healthcare Matters’ readership in a variety of ways. Work with our team to engage your prospects and tell them they need to be talking to you!

Healthcare Matters offers a range of services designed to engage a healthcare supply chain-dominated audience. These engagement opportunities include: branding, product validation, go-to-market strategy, product development topical webinars, and multi-part series.