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A diverse group of metal buyers including mills, producers, service centers and manufacturers.

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The go-to resource for metal-buying organizations – identifies metal market trends and price direction, provides daily metal market analysis and commentary, and offers insight and strategies to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

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Sourcing & Trading Intelligence for Global Metals Markets

MetalMiner provides three primary services. The first, quite simply, is to publish metal price information and trends relating to metal prices. The second, is to provide future trend analysis and actionable insight - helping the buying organization better understand current metal market price trends and how to purchase based on those trends. Lastly, MetalMiner provides the insight buying organizations need to better understand what is driving the particular metal market.

Readers can expect to receive a range of benefits from MetalMiner. Benefits include:

  • Market intelligence not available elsewhere (includes MetalMiner Benchmarks™ and MetalMiner Forecasting™ and MetalMiner Prices™)
  • Easy to use reports with specific monthly purchasing strategies
  • Annual report with average prices by metal used for budgeting and planning purposes
  • Monthly market basket reports by metal for PPV analysis
  • A deeper understanding of the underlying trends driving metals markets

You can engage with the MetalMiner readership in a variety of ways. Work with our team to engage your prospects and tell them they need to be talking to you!

MetalMiner offers a range of services designed to engage a manufacturing-centric procurement oriented audience. These engagement opportunities include: branding and advertising, topical webinars, slick multimedia programs, multi-part series, live events, benchmarking, and more. The MetalMiner readership includes procurement professionals across a broad range of manufacturing industries and job titles.