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A diverse, mostly executive, group of procurement, finance and supply chain professionals ranging from Fortune 500 to small start-ups

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The world’s best and largest information source for procurement and supply chain professionals enabling CPOs, consultants and technology solution providers to make smart decisions regarding all things procurement.

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A genuinely independent, neutral source for the latest analysis and insight into the procurement industry through unbiased reviews, research briefings and editorial content.

  • Best practice advice on processes and technology
  • Insightful and in-depth procurement technology reviews and analysis
  • Concrete and actionable recommendations for the procurement professional
  • Definitive and honest expert opinions – not just facts or thinly veiled advertising material
  • Deep, curated content aligned to your information needs to efficiently keep up with the industry

Readers can expect to receive a range of benefits from Spend Matters. Benefits include:

  • Market intelligence not available elsewhere
  • Candid, pointed and thorough solution provider reviews also not available elsewhere
  • Insight into future trends
  • A deeper understanding of the underlying trends driving markets
  • Actionable strategies and tactics for better procurement decision-making

You can engage with Spend Matters’ readership in a variety of ways. Work with our team to engage your prospects and tell them they need to be talking to you!

Spend Matters offers a range of services designed to engage a procurement-dominated audience. These engagement opportunities include: topical webinars, multi-media programs, multi-part series, live events, benchmarking, and more. The Spend Matters readership includes procurement professionals across a broad range of industries and job titles.