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Trade Financing Matters

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Finance and treasury functions within a broad range of companies including manufacturing, FinTech, banks, and solution providers.

Written for CFOs, Treasurers, Credit Managers, Procurement Professionals, Vendors, Bankers, and others dealing with the myriad of issues around trade credit issues in their supply chain.

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In today’s environment of tight credit, changes in banking regulations and emerging technologies involved in facilitating credit, every company needs to better understand its financial supply chain.

Trade Financing Matters is the authoritative source for receivables and payables financing insight informing all participants within the financial supply chain. The site examines the financial supply chain, the convergence of banking/finance with Supplier Networks, einvoicing, eProcurement, Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash technologies.

Readers can expect to receive a range of benefits from Trade Financing Matters. Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive insight on the convergence of FinTech solutions and procurement solutions
  • Market intelligence not available elsewhere
  • Candid, pointed and thorough FinTech solution provider reviews not available elsewhere
  • Insight into future trends
  • A deeper understanding of the rules, regulations and compliance areas underlying FinTech markets
  • Actionable strategies and tactics for better procurement decision-making

You can engage with the Trade Financing Matters readership in a variety of ways. Work with our team to engage your prospects and tell them they need to be talking to you!

Trade Financing Matters offers a range of services designed to engage a finance-centric procurement oriented audience. These engagement opportunities include: thought leadership/content development, independent solution reviews/validation as well as content syndication - use our content for your own marketing efforts!