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Leverage the expertise of the leader in B2B publishing

Subscription Insight

Our analysts have implemented systems, written code, managed categories, achieved savings and developed corporate procurement strategies. These insights are embedded in our subscription content for an informed point of view.

Subscription Data & Forecasts

We built a better toolkit for metals pricing, forecasting and benchmarking because we saw companies struggle for actionable intelligence. We wanted those tools as buyers and consultants. They weren’t available then, but they are now.

Advisory Services

You can research a question or issue in 8 hours, or we can answer your question in 5 minutes. You’ll get it from us straight at all levels of inquiry whether the request is highly strategic, operational or tactical.

Branding Opportunities

Influence B2B markets through our niche but very well trafficked digital sites, newsletters and multimedia programming produced by domain experts. Our reach and influence is unparalleled in procurement, supply chain and manufacturing.

Content Development

We trade in content and thought leadership. It’s our competitive advantage and what we do best. For clients, our content creation, syndication and channel marketing programs generate measurable results.

Marketing Services

Demand creation and demand visibility via live and online events, speaking engagements and media appearances make us and you stand out from the crowd. We work with our clients to create both memorable and measurable results.

Four Ways to Engage With Azul

Coupa IPO Research
Advisory Services

Our experts can bring you up to speed on any topic relating to procurement and supply chain management – its trends, companies, practices, strategies, and supporting technologies.

MetalMiner Benchmarking
Subscription Services

Competitive intelligence, provider deep dive analysis, best practices, technology and application feature/function templates, forecasting and benchmarking at your fingertips.

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Content Development

Simply license content for use in your marketing, sponsor content that is directly applicable to your service offering or help develop a thought leadership series that ties into our editorial calendar.

Marketing Services

Leverage our extensive tool set to reach your procurement audience. Learn who is reading what, which channels they prefer and the themes and messages that resonate.

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