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We all know that time is money. Consultants bill by the hour. A 5-minute answer from one of our analysts could save 5 hours or more of research time.

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Our procurement tentacles cut across industry, process, technology practice and function. Nobody has a more comprehensive broad view than Azul.

Competitive Positioning

By working with everyone from practitioners to consultants, analysts and investors we understand who is doing what, where, and more importantly, who is doing it best.


Nobody can connect consultancies with practitioners, solution providers and investors in the procurement space quite like Azul.

Unique Data

SolutionMap Quadrant, vendor reviews and deep dives, market sizings, industrial metal price data and benchmarking.

Go-to-Market Tactics

Azul can distill points of differentiation easily and succinctly among firms and provide clear direction on go-to-market messaging.

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Master the challenge of getting quick answers to questions on procurement best practices, strategies, companies and technology. Azul Partners offers expertise on demand.

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Azul provides unparalleled marketing services that can get you in front of prospective clients and industry influencers to differentiate your practice and better understand the audience.

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Elevate your services and solutions using our syndicated, custom or sponsored content. Azul brings procurement to life with a voice that resonates with your prospects and clients.

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Increase your market intelligence for planning, team education or to drive your M&A strategy, analysis and due diligence. Azul can advise as you expand or consolidate your practices.

Azul’s collaborative engagement process


Contact us online, by phone or in person to communicate your specific challenges, interests or needs


We will guide you to the available resources and discuss cases where clients faced similar challenges


Work with stakeholders to identify potential strategies, tactics, pitfalls or areas requiring further study


Our experts can assist with additional guidance or develop a strategy that meets the needs of your organization

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