The Source for Procurement Investment Intelligence

Research and advisory for liquidity events, partnership development and new market exploration

Partnerships & Alliances

Strategy/landscape analysis, comparative market and provider reviews, due diligence expertise for those seeking strategic partnerships, mergers or acquisitions in B2B, procurement or supply chain-related industries.

Allocation of Capital

For those making investments in new solutions, strategies, markets and geographies, Azul conducts targeted research including strategy development and market forecasting to sector/company; product level due diligence.

Sell-side Advisory

Sell-side advisory services for solution providers throughout all stages of a company’s life-cycle including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures. Tap into the Azul procurement and supply chain network.

Modeling & Valuations

Defining transactional objectives, structure, scenarios and drivers as well as valuation drivers including intellectual property, market sizing, competitive positioning and comparative deal analytics within procurement and related markets.

Inside Expertise

Deep but unbiased ties to both practitioners and solution providers, with a detailed knowledge of the overall market size and landscape, solution providers within each specific area, deep understanding of technical capability and competitive positioning.

Trusted Advisor

With vast industry connections and a reputation for high ethical standards, Azul has established a strong following for all research, coverage and analysis working with PE firms, angel investors and venture capitalists interested in procurement and supply chain markets.

Connections, solution provider intelligence and technology know-how

We Analyze

Azul can provide the inside track on any of the players within the procurement and supply chain landscape and provide tactical insights to inform deals and transaction-level decision making. Gain an informational advantage with expert advisory.

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We Support

Our market intelligence and technology deep dives provide an entirely new level of expertise to rapidly inform macro sector analysis, market sizing M&A strategy, private fund investment, due diligence and joint ventures.

We Partner

Whether its breaking news, coverage of a liquidity event or research that defines the potential impact of an acquisition in the procurement and supply chain space, we can help you communicate the impact.

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We Connect

We can connect investors with niche solutions in the ecosystem offering a candid, hard-hitting look inside both incumbent and emerging players in procure-to-pay, supplier network, e-invoicing, invoice discount and supply chain finance.

Azul’s collaborative engagement process


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Work with stakeholders to identify potential strategies, tactics, pitfalls or areas requiring further study


Our experts can assist with additional guidance or develop a strategy that meets the needs of your organization

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